Ryan Mayer

Brand Designer, Strategist, & Digital Artist



Ryan Mayer, a Canadian Brand Designer, Strategist, and Digital Artist, leverages his decades of experience to help businesses tell their stories through strategy and creativity. He is also the Founder and Principal Creative of Bluehaus Creative, a strategic brand and design studio. Ryan is a passionate advocate for transforming brands and driving tangible results, making him a valuable asset to clients looking to connect with customers and drive revenue growth. His dedication to his craft and love for helping his clients succeed is evident in every project he takes on.

His focus is delivering creativity that works to help purpose-driven businesses create maximum impact in the world. And he has a helluva time doing it!

Got a minute? Then stick around for a while. He's all kinds of awesome.

He's currently redesigning & rebuilding this site; don't hesitate to contact him for new project inquiries or to say hi!